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The new SH-5 does a great job shredding!

The SH-5 Shredder does a great job with cooked beef!


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SH-5 Meat Shredder Videos
SS-10 Meat Slicer Videos


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FS-19 Meat Slicer Videos

The Cove FS-19 Fresh Meat Slicer is a smaller version of our Cove SS-10 slicer for high production. The FS-19 has the same advantages, just a smaller in-feed (smaller fresh product) at a much smaller price! A real workhorse!


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SH-1 Meat Shredder Videos

A demo of our new SH-1 shredding beef chuck roast.

A demo of our new SH-1 shredding pork blade roast.


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Video Gallery
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