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Cove KT Meat Press Title
Cove KT Meat Press
KT Meat Press Brochure
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The KT Meat Press thins and tenderizes meat and poultry without loss of purge or weight. The design ensures meat retains flatness indefinitely. 



  • Semi-automatic - mechanical meat press that quickly flattens fresh or chilled meat without loss of juices or weight.

  • All types - poultry, beef, pork or veal and small to medium production operations.

  • Uniform Look - Patented design ensures meat retains flatness indefinitely. Uniform thickness ensures even cooking and greater plate coverage for optimal presentation.

  • Serrated Flattener Plate - provides tenderization of product within the flattening operation and additional area for breading or coating applications.

  • Economical - A fraction of the cost of large machines


Other Features


  • Optional Smooth Plate Press for smooth appearance of product.

  • Stainless Steel Stand with locking wheel system for stability and transportability within plant environment.


Product Information


  • Model #: KT-ALP

  • Dimensions (without stand): 31.5″ l  |  17.33″ w  |  33.5″ h

  • Motor: 2hp

  • 800 steaks per hour

  • High grade stainless steel construction

  • Safety guard

  • Sanitary design

  • Modified to fit your needs

  • Excellent abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance

Cove KT Meat Press Dimensions and Size
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