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Smokehouse Title

Why Fusion Tech Ovens?

Fusion Tech’s line of industrial ovens are designed to provide the optimal cooking consistency for your specific product. Whether meat, vegetable, fruit, or any other product needing cooked or dried, our Industrial Ovens give you the ultimate control over the oven’s break point — increasing your product yields and consistency.
Smokehouses Made in the USA

The technology of batch ovens has not changed in over 20 years. Yes, new control systems have been introduced, sanitary techniques and hardware are now common, but batch ovens still have hot and cold spots. Internal temperature (IT) probes are inserted into the product in the middle upper part of the rack, which is the coldest spot. The Total-Flow-Control system eliminates that problem, increasing yields and product consistency dramatically...after all, that's what counts! Cove broke down each section of the smokehouse and made innovative improvements. Coupled with Total-Flow-Control, Cove created a new batch oven with real innovation.


Please review the  Total-Flow-Control  page to learn more.

Smokehouse being built
Completed Smokehouses
Smokehouse Installation

"You guys do an awesome job and we appreciate the support you provide."

- Ryan from Raw Advantage Processing

Damper System

Airflow Supply Dampers:


  • Dampers located on single shaft with a direct drive, eliminating all of the common alignment issues and problems with offset dampers, as well as all the hardware associated with 'brakes', external shafts, etc. Innovation: Simplify - drive one shaft gears, chains, shafts, brakes, etc, etc!

  • "Total Flow Control" (TFC) enables users to control the amount of airflow (heat) in every square inch of your oven. Refer to the Total-Flow-Control page for more info.

Smokehouse Dampers
Smokehouse Dampers
Smokehouse Dampers
Frame and Construction

Framing & Construction: ( get a presentation for all advantages! )


  • Tubular stainless steel framing. No "C-Channel" or mild steel structure.

  • TIG welded, cross broke wall skins creates a clean surface and eliminates distortion

  • Sanitary design with interior all TIG welded

  • The Cove radius along walls maintains airflow velocities, eliminates overheating of product on the bottom portion of racks, as well as allows the airflow to pass under the racks properly. Why do others OEM's put radius' within the ducts, cross-sections, etc, but not where it counts most?

Smokehouse welding
Smokehouse Design
Supply and Return Ducts

Supply Ducts & Return Plenum:


  • Supply and return ducts designed for easy cleaning and inspection, as well as balanced with a full load of product.

  • Two-sided aerodynamic supply ducts with slots (instead of cones) for uniform airflow. Allows airflow stream to be tighter and maintain proper velocities to create a better break-point.

Smokehouse Design
Inside the smokehouse
Smokehouse being built
Floor Radius

Floor Radius:


  • Large 10"-12" floor radius plate for improved airflow and sanitation

  • Wall panels incorporate the radius into cabinet construction to help eliminate seams and distortion.

  • Do you have overcooked product along the bottom of your racks? Color differences? Please call us for a presentation!

Smokehouse sides
Smokehouse inside
Smokehouse bing built inside
Door Protection

Door protection system: ( can be retrofitted to existing smokehouses )


  • Touch switch applies vacuum to door gasket upon opening. Opens door quickly and holds gasket within channel under vacuum for protection! Eliminates premature wear on the bottom of gasket from operator pulling on door.

  • Mechanical moving front cover for gasket to eliminate punctures and other physical damage

Smokehouse door handle

Forward-curved, double-wide fan:


  • Excellent return airflow suction

  • Lower operating RPM's and reduced noise, unlike a plug fan

  • Easy to maintain due to easy access without having to lift a huge assembly

  • Designed specifically for application - 2-20 air changes (definition of other OEM's 'air change' is important!)

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