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  • Continuous Flow - Simple design allows for continuous processing, unlike small batch machines

  • No Cutting - Get long muscle fibers without cutting or tearing product!

  • Food Safety - Sanitation is easy, no tools needed to remove only one guard for high pressure cleaning

  • High Capacity - Shreds cooked meat as fast as you can load it. Paddle in-feed was designed for safe operation.

  • Industrial Design - Heavy-duty stainless components and simple design allows for maximum up-time with little to no maintenance.

  • Cost-Effective - Return on investment is accelerated, usually within six months.

Product Information


  • Model # SH-1

  • Capacity: 200 lbs/hr

  • Certifications: CE Approved

  • Voltage Options:

    • 115v / 60 Hz / 1 phase

    • 230v / 50 Hz / 1 phase

    • 220-415v / 50-60 Hz / 3 phase

  • Motor Power: 3/4 hp

  • Motor Speed: 1340 RPM

  • Overall Weight: 134.48 lbs

  • Dimensions: 23.50″ l  |  159″ w  |  41″ h

SH-1 Meat Shredder Table Top
SH-1 Meat Shredder Title
SH-1 Meat Shredder Coming Soon!

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  • Beef

  • Poultry

  • Pork

  • Exotic Meats


Our Meat Shredders have also been tested on:

  • Tofurky (Tofu products)

Designed to create shredded/pulled product almost instantly for small to medium sized meat processors, large restaurants, and food caterers. It is capable of shredding up to 200 pounds of cooked meat per hour without cutting or tearing, giving you a hand pulled look quickly and easily.

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