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Watch how the total flow control works
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Now you do not need another smokehouse!

US & Canada Only

Want to turn your 8-Truck smokehouse into a 12-Truck? Turn your 2-Truck smokehouse into a 3-Truck? (or any given size)


  • Increase your smokehouse capacity by up to 30%

  • Increase your smokehouse yields

  • Increase your product consistency tremendously

  • Want your product color to be identical? (instead of different 'shades')


Now you can! Our Total-Flow-Control system is a simple system that bolts onto your current smokehouse.

Total-Flow-Control (TFC) is a hardware and software package for existing smokehouses. TFC enables users to control  the oven's "break-point" at any location within the oven. Users can eliminate cold spots by simply adjusting the graphical interface on the touch screen, based on type of product loading. The oven is graphically broken down into 15 quadrants, which gives you control over every square inch of your oven!


TFC can be easily installed on any existing smokehouse equipped with dampers that create oscillating airflow. TFC is independent of the oven controls, no integration necessary!

All smokehouse ovens have cold spots, normally in the upper-middle section of the rack, which is why the product is probed in that location. Most oven manufacturers use dampers to create a "break-point" of the oscillating airflow. These dampers move at a constant speed, which inherently creates the problem. In order to get the "cold" product up to temperature, you have to overcook the product on the bottom portion of the rack, thereby losing yield, creating color issues and product inconsistency. Until Now!


Please review the technical article (below) link 'Understanding & Maintaining airflow in your smokehouse' for a better understanding.

Can you afford not to?
  • Increase yield by up to 6%

  • Increase moisture consistency while eliminating yield variation

  • Develop better color consistency

  • Process all products consistently & efficiency - hung or screened

Total-Flow-Control Made in the USA
The new Total-Flow-Control system is more efficient and even easier to use:
Main Screen - Total-Flow-Control

You can see exactly where the airstream is while your oven is running. With an easy to read display and all the information you need in one place. Our Total-Flow-Control system is "dummy proof" and easier than ever!

Recipe Select Screen - Total-Flow-Control

The Recipe Select screen lets you quickly select your airflow recipe. With 20 recipe slots the possibilities are endless. Most users find that they need only five (or less) airflow recipes such as screened product, tightly hung product, etc.

Recipe Edit Screen - Total-Flow-Control

Quickly create and edit an airflow recipe. Our design makes it easy to get it up and running in minutes, and don't worry every Total-Flow-Control System comes programmed with tested and proven recipes to get started right away!

Technical Smokehouse Article:
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